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Ready for your life to jump to that next level?

It’s time to reestablish your goals and reconnect with yourself.

At Jumpt we put personal growth first and foremost.

We provide practical programs including group fitness programs, personal training, life coaching and workshops tailored to each and every individual to further their health and happiness.

Jodi Dunell, the Director, is a qualified life coach and personal trainer who educates her clients in many areas of wellness including fitness, nutrition and general health.

She takes an individual approach to each client and creates unique programs for all different fitness and health needs.

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Jodi Dunell

Life Coaching

If you experience procrastination, low self confidence, self sabotage or lack of vision and purpose in your life, life coaching could be the answer you’ve been searching for. We work through these challenges and more with one on one collaboration that helps you tap into individualised strategies and answers that are right for you.

Personal & Group Training

Get active, fit and healthy with your very own Jumpt personal training program. Join one of our in-person or online group training sessions. Or work with Jodi one-on-one for personal training sessions.

Other Programs & Services

Jodi provides a range of other programs and services, including:

Jodi is also able to create a customised program for individuals, groups, and workplaces.
Personal Training Ocean Grove
Life Coaching
Eat Healthy

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