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Mindful Insights

Jodi Dunell

6 Weeks of Mindful Insights

Have you ever found yourself caught up in your thinking, feeling stressed out or just not sure which way to turn?

In this 6 week program with Life Coach, Jodi Dunell, we will dive into discussions around our beliefs and what drives us to do the things we do. 

Find out how you can turn your challenges into opportunities and create clarity and excitement moving forward.

This is an intimate small group online program. We will meet weekly to reflect and grow!

What others have said about Mindful Insights

“Jodi provided a number of tools and activities to promote reflective thinking and I really enjoyed listening to the other participants experiences, and sharing ideas with them.  My favourite session was when we reviewed our Strengths and Weaknesses. I recommend this program to anyone looking at self improvement and collaborating with others.”

“Whether you want to discover more about yourself or business, children, health, fitness, relationships or learn things you didn’t even know you needed to learn ! It was a great way to interact with others & share but to also just listen, to other ideas, tools, strategies, have a laugh & be given a voice. I was really pleasantly surprised. So remind yourself of how important YOU are and just give it a go.”