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Group Training

A study published in the ‘Sport and Exercise Psychology Review’ outlines group exercise as providing the highest levels of motivation and success in obtaining goals. These sessions are designed to allow each person to train to their
potential alongside people of various abilities. The aim is to use the encouragement from each other to improve our own limits in a fun and supportive environment.

  • 1 hour classes of outdoor small group training
  • Challenging for all fitness levels
  • Individualised to cater for minor injuries or rehabilitation
  • Draw on the strength and enjoyment of those around us

Times of group sessions are:

Monday – 6:00am, 9:00am, 7:00pm

Tuesday – 9:00am

Wednesday – 9:00am, 6:30pm

Thursday – 6:00am

Friday – 9:00am

'One on One' Personal Training

A fantastic option for those with time restrictions or for those who desire a more personalised approach. This form of personal training Incorporates exercise and life coaching ideas in a one hour session to help you achieve your personalised goals and can be supplemented by a food diary, nutrition assessment and goal setting. Sessions times and locations are flexible to suit your needs.

  • Tailored programs with nutritional guidance
  • Flexible times and locations available
  • Goal setting, fitness testing and performance benchmarks included
  • Life coaching available

Life Coaching

We all need to realign sometimes; we need a forum where we challenge our values, beliefs, actions and habits in a confidential, judgement free space. Life coaching provides the vehicle for you to prioritise your needs among the ever-present interests of relationships, careers, families and home. The conversations are real and so are the changes we make together in finding the balance that we crave as individuals.

  • Initial one on one 1⁄2 hour consultation
  • Challenging our thoughts, behaviours and actions
  • Prioritising our health and balance
  • On-going support and evaluation of progress

Four Week Challenge

Use the challenge as a motivational tool to maximise your results. With a range of support to assist, you will end your four weeks feeling and looking a new person. We check in with you regularly to personalise your experience and add that encouragement that we all need to succeed. With assistance in nutrition coupled with unlimited class access, you’ll be smashing goals with this program!

  • Unlimited group exercise sessions
  • Pre and post fitness testing with measurements
  • 3 part goal setting e-book with online support and a weekly 20 minute coach call
  • Nutritional guide with recipes to accompany your home workouts

Nutritional Health


Lifestyle change is not about eliminating all the foods you love or pushing your body to unhealthy limits. It’s about finding a sustainable lifestyle and not making radical changes that are unrealistic for you, your family, your schedule or your interests. ‘Arbonne Healthy Living’ is a 4 week program incorporating a Facebook support group, Arbonne nutrition products, education tips and weekly recipes together with our on-going support, in finding a sustainable balance between physical, emotional, nutritional and motivational elements in your life.

  • Arbonne nutritional products together with weekly recipes
  • A variety of support mechanisms including a designated Facebook site
  • Clients on average lose 5kg as well as gaining valuable energy and health benefits
  • A balanced approach to implementing sustainable change


Keep yourself looking and feeling good with a beautiful range of skincare and makeup. Formulated free of harmful chemicals, Arbonne products
are botanically based to help maintain youthful hydrated skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This range compliments the new commitment you’ve made to yourself to prioritise self and well being.

  • All Arbonne products are botanically based and clinically tested
  • All Arbonne products are vegan friendly and are not tested on animals
  • Scientifically proven skin rejuvenation properties
  • Jodi is an Independent Arbonne Consultant